Ever wonder what would’ve happened if the concept of “open Source” never existed? imagine a world where knowledge grows by the numbers of production release by few major company only and people have to wait for a while to experience new technology… say something like computer processor where we have to patiently buy a new series each time those major vendors decided to release their “10% improvement products” instead just releasing the “perfect processor”

The Open Source concept brought people from around the world to contribute in making things better, faster and reach the next level of technology in just nick of time.

So what’s the point? im saying that right now you are getting help from thousands of developers in saving you a  lot of time and efforts in building an application or website. In this case if you are a web developer, framework is a generous help in improving your work and making things better and fast.

We listed out 40 framework that you can use in fast forwarding your production time, starting from CSS Framework, Javascript and PHP.

CSS framework may not be as complex as you would hope it should be, but considering the internet browsers wars happening today, you have to be certain that your work are compatible with at least those major brands.

Lot of people say Javascript is something that need to be replace immediately, and currently those who race to replace it already start making waves like AIR, JavaFX etc. but still users are happy with javascript at the moment.

PHP framework is something that actually can help you develop an unthinkable application, since it will save you time and give less headache.

So here’s the list:



  1. 960 Grid
  2. Blueprint
  3. YUI Grids
  4. YAML
  5. Boilerplate
  6. Tripoli
  7. Sparkl
  8. ContentWithStyle
  9. Grid Designer
  10. Elements Framework



  1. JQuery
  2. MooTools
  3. Scriptaculous
  4. Prototype
  5. Mochikit
  6. Dojo Toolkit
  7. Spry
  8. CleanAjax
  9. ASPNET Ajax
  10. Rialto



  1. CodeIgniter
  2. CakePHP
  3. Zend
  4. Prado
  5. Zoop
  6. Stratos
  7. Akelos
  8. Symfony
  9. eVoCore
  10. Kohana

Some peoples seem don’t like using this stuff, the reason why  is “UN-Professional” ??
what is the proportionality ? come on.. don’t wasted your time for nothing.!